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What’s Your Number?

It’s the million-dollar question….no pun intended, but it’s a number you should have some clear direction around. What if you were sitting with a travel agent, planning that dream vacation you want to take twenty or thirty years from now. Seems crazy right? You don’t know where it will be, how much it will cost […]

What Events Should Trigger a Life Insurance Review?

Last week while I was meeting with a new client over coffee, I ask a simple question. “When was the last time you and your wife reviewed your life insurance coverage”? Unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised by his answer of “I’m not sure……. maybe 5-6 years”. The fact is Life Insurance is often forgotten until it’s […]

RRSP vs. Mortgage Contributions?

I have an extra $1,200.00…what should I do? This might be one of the most asked personal finance question in Canada. Most people would lean towards putting money into an RRSP because of the tax credit and the possibility of a higher return. However, some people don’t realize the tax savings related to reducing their […]